The Best Beginner Fly Rod (2022)

Redington Classic Trout Rod

The best-beginner fly rod (2022)

To get straight to the point, the best fly for your money is the Classic Trout by Redington. Let me explain, there are several reasons such as price, performance and Quality. There are are several fly rods that are $800 to $1000 that don’t cast as well as this rod!

Best FLy fishing rod

First, let’s start with the price! The price of the Classic Trout  rod is $118-$160 as of today. I haven’t found a better fly rod that feels like an $800 rod that cost less than your wife’s makeup. It is classified as a “fast action rod” but it has a soft tip. The advantage is you won’t lose fish when you are fighting them. For Example, is like the shocks on your car the softer the shocks the more energy the car uses same principle for the fish it uses more energy to expends to try to get away when you have a soft tip on. A fast action rod is a rod that is more suited for smaller streams and creeks where placement is key. so for instance, if you want to place a fly right above a rock the stiffer rods have a harder time with accuracy. but fast action or soft tips rods have an easier time controlling where you place that fly and a lot of companies like to promote their really stiff rods that are like $1000 but in most use cases you will never need a stiff rod unless you’re on a super-wide river or a lake. so if you know that you’re going to be stripping streamers or are specifically doing a lot of lake action and you need to get a lot of line out then this might not be your option. The classic trout does have a great feel it dose have a stiffer feel than maybe a Winston. (if you don’t understand what I’m talking about Go into your local fly shop and ask if you can cast a Winston and then cast a sage and you will understand the difference between the two stiffness.) It’s amazing how a soft tip can place I’ll fly within 10 inches of where you want it whereas a stiffer rod may be able to get it within 15 or 20 and that can make a big difference when catching fish. Alright, back to the price why is $118 great? Well… it is said that Reddington is using its old Sage SP blanks in the classic trout. That means you’re getting a $400 to $500 rod for Only $118 – $150

picture of the Classic trout

The Quality

Obviously, the quality of the rod is not going to be on par with a $500 or $400 rod. But it’s pretty Dang close Sage has made a great effort to reach fishermen who don’t have enough money to fork out $400 or $500 and they have done their best while not cutting corners. I can tell you that this rod beats any Cabela’s or any beginner Orvis rods hands down. they have a great warranty service as well repair service.


If this is your first rod it’s a definite buy. If you are more experienced fly fisherman you still should get the Redington classic trout. It’s a great rod you don’t have to worry about losing or breaking a $400 to $500 rod when you go out. The performance is amazing it’s on par with that $400 to $500 range rod and you can’t even beat it for $118 nothing beats it.


Warranty info:



Need a rod or Reel

If you don’t have a rod and reel already I would highly suggest the Redington Classic Trout one of the best bang for your buck fly rods out there. Any reel will suffice but if you don’t have one I’ll link one below one’s a little pricier which is the Lamson has a better feel and a better drag. Then my other go-to is another Redington Reel they’re great reels for a decent price.  

Redington Classic Trout Rod
The Best Beginner Fly Rod (2022)
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